Terms of use

The terms of use are established by CloudFly with the aim to ensure that customers as well as CloudFly avoid legal violations according to current regulations of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam and also help customers. Customers can secure their personal information and all their data in the process of using CloudF's products and services. When a customer creates an account and uses CloudFly's products and services, it means that the customer has completely agreed and accepted the terms of use that CloudFly has given.

1. Responsibilities of CloudFly

  • CloudFly guarantees to provide the service as committed in “Commitment to quality of service”, properly implemented “Privacy Policy” as announced on the official CloudFly websites.
  • CloudFly is not responsible for cases where the customer violates the unacceptable uses specified in section 3 of this clause.
  • CloudFly has no obligation to monitor and control user activity and disclaims any responsibility for user abuse or misuse of CloudFly's network system.
  • CloudFly does not support to interfere, edit, develop the source code of the customer's website or test to determine the cause of incompatibility with the server configuration.
  • CloudFly does not support customer website content management operations.
  • CloudFly ensures to receive support requests from customers through:

2. Responsibilities of Customers

  • Absolutely strictly abide by the Constitution and Laws of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.
  • Customers shall be solely responsible for any violation of the unacceptable practices in section 3 of these terms.
  • Customers must provide complete and accurate contact information including: full name, address, email, phone number. In case of necessity (as required by law depending on the type of service) the customer must provide relevant documents at CloudFly's request (copy of identity card or other documents) . In case the customer transfers/adds management rights/ownership of the customer account/packages of products and services that the customer is using, the customer needs to make sure to update the contact information fully and correctly in CloudFly's management system.
  • Customers need to keep their identification, password or other confidential information related to the account safe. Immediately notify CloudFly when it detects unauthorized access to customer accounts or security loopholes, including loss,theft or reveal passwords and other confidential information.
  • Customers are responsible for ensuring the safety of devices accessing their services, including the use of personal security software such as anti-virus software, firewalls.
  • Customers are responsible for maintaining and preserving data on the server. – Customers using the service must commit to honestly reflect on the quality of CloudFly's products and services on all media, websites, forums, etc., and all feedback must be accompanied by authentic evidence. CloudFly has the right to unilaterally terminate the contract if it detects that the reflected content is not authentic and is offensive, libelous, and negatively affects the reputation of the supplier.

3. Unacceptable forms of use

3.1. Violations related to servers and networks:

  • Store documents, distribute information, use or store harmful programs such as viruses, worms, trojans on CloudFly's servers.
  • Use services provided by CloudFly to attack, gain unauthorized access, control and block data on websites or servers of users of other providers.
  • Interfering with changes to the control system, monitoring resources and log files, affecting CloudFly's management and operating process.
  • Using source code that overloads the system or consumes resources beyond the limit of the service package, or engaging in activities such as scanning, spamming, using public proxy/VPN, torrenting, etc. as stipulated in the service package limit.
  • Send email in any form for the purpose of destroying or spreading mail, including programs that send mail exceeding the specified number (100mail/hour).

3.2. Content Violation:

Customers are not allowed to store or distribute information and documents that violate the laws of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam and international regulations applicable in Vietnam, including:

  • Propagating and launching reactive attacks
  • Instructions for use of military equipment
  • Using language that lacks culture, violates ethical standards and traditional Vietnamese culture
  • Carrying an erotic nature, propagating a depraved lifestyle
  • Violate patent, trademark, design rights, copyright or any other intellectual property rights or rights of any person
  • Data is illegal, threatening, deceiving…. or other prohibited forms
  • Data that constitutes or encourages criminal forms
  • Disclosure of trade secrets, or other personal, confidential, proprietary information

3.3. Security Violation:

Customers are not permitted to engage in unlawful, abusive, or irresponsible conduct, including:

  • Unauthorized access to, use of data, systems or networks including any act of probing, scanning, checking for network vulnerabilities, breach of security and authentication measures, without prior consent of the network owner (including customers accessing the Web and customers using products and services at CloudFly)
  • Monitor data or traffic on any network or system without the permission of the owner of the system or network
  • Using an Internet account or computer without the owner's authorization such as scanning passwords, tricking others into giving them passwords, stealing passwords, scanning vulnerabilities, login portals
  • Any tampering of TCP-IP or any email headers in an email

4. Information management

4.1. Information management

Customers are responsible for paying in full and on time all costs incurred when using CloudFly's services. We will contact customers at the following times:

  • When the system issues an invoice (email notification)
  • When the invoice is due to pay and stop providing the service (3 working days after the invoice is issued) (notify by phone, email)

When receiving a notice requesting payment of usage costs, the customer needs to pay the full cost in case the customer's service may be interrupted or lost when the service is expired.

4.2. Fee refund:

CloudFly will refund the cost in case we do not continue to provide the services for which the customer has paid. In the event that the fault is not on CloudFly, all charges will not be refunded.

5. Stop providing the service and permanently delete the service

5.1. Stop providing the service

CloudFly will stop providing services in the following cases:

  • More than 3 working days from the date of invoice but the customer has not paid the cost.
  • Customers violate the forms specified in section 3 of this clause.
  • Customers declare incorrect information (name, phone number…) in order to find a way to fraudulently use or pay.
  • Accounts with abnormal signs such as: a user tries many accounts, many accounts authenticate with the same phone number, similar accounts.
  • Circumstances that arise are regulated by CloudFly.

5.2. Permanently delete the service:

CloudFly will permanently delete the service in the following cases:

  • After 10 working days from the date of invoice, the customer has not paid the cost.
  • Customers violate the forms specified in section 3 of this clause.
  • Customers declare incorrect information (name, phone number…) in order to find a way to fraudulently use or pay.
  • Accounts with abnormal signs such as: a user tries many accounts, many accounts authenticate with the same phone number, similar accounts.
  • Circumstances that arise are regulated by CloudFly.

6. Backup and restore data

Default virtual server service packages do not include data backup service, so customers please contact CloudFly customer support team for instructions on performing data backup directly on the server or use additional data backup service package if necessary.

CloudFly is not responsible for problems that occur for data backups due to objective reasons such as terrorism, natural disasters, fire, etc.

Backups will not be provided to accounts that have been discontinued or permanently deleted for any reason, unless otherwise agreed in writing by both parties.

CloudFly is solely responsible for recovering the full data (the entire source folder, the email folder, or the entire database) or providing backups for customers to handle themselves. CloudFly does not perform individual file data recovery at the request of the customer.

7. Indemnify

In the event that CloudFly is sued for the actions of a customer, the customer must pay all fees including loss fees, court fees.

8. Change terms of use

CloudFly may change, modify, supplement or replace the content of the terms of use at any time in accordance with the provisions of the law of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. All changes take effect from the time they are published on the website support@cloudfly.vn