Privacy Policy

Personal information security is the top concern of every customer, so the issue of personal information security is always appreciated and put on top by CloudFly. The personal information CloudFly collects will be kept private and secure based on the principles outlined in the privacy policy.

When customers access and use the CloudFly system (including registering for online services), CloudFly understands that the customer has fully agreed to the terms of this privacy policy.

1. Personal information provided by customers

When the customer provides the necessary information, CloudFly will use that information to respond to the customer's request, or CloudFly may contact the customer via email, message, or phone to introduce to the customer. Shop new products - services, new promotions from CloudFly. At the same time, when providing information to CloudFly, it also means that the customer understands and agrees to the collection and use of the above personal information for some purposes of the CloudFly system.

The information customers provide will be stored in CloudFly's database. This means that the customer has completely agreed and approved that the personal information provided by the customer to CloudFly will be stored on the system.

If a customer registers to use CloudFly's products and services or sends a feedback letter, CloudFly may contact the customer to request additional information necessary for processing or completing the customer's request. This personal information will be kept confidential, CloudFly will not provide this information to a third party without the customer's permission, unless required by applicable law.

CloudFly is committed to protecting the personal information of customers, not buying and selling customers' personal information to other companies for any purpose.

2. Use of personal information

CloudFly may use customer's personal information in the following specific cases:

− Payment confirmation and service support

− Notice of service extension to customers

− Introduce CloudFly's new products and services

− Announce promotions or provide other information via e-mail. If customers do not want to receive e-mails, customers can refuse to receive e-mails at any time by contacting CloudFly again via the support system.

− Survey programs to improve service quality

3. Information via email

When registering for the service, the email address provided by the customer will be used as a tool to exchange information with customers. Therefore, the customer needs to make sure that the email address provided by the customer is useful to the customer during the use of the service.

CloudFly may send confidential information via e-mail or receive customer support requests. In case the customer no longer uses the provided e-mail, the customer must notify CloudFly of this change.

To protect the personal information of customers, CloudFly may temporarily stop receiving requests via e-mail provided by the customer if it finds that there is fraud or unusual information until CloudFly is contacted with customer to confirm.

4. Adjust the information collected

CloudFly will actively or at the request of the customer to supplement and correct personal information data that is inaccurate, incomplete or not up to date while the customer is still associated with CloudFly's activities.

5. CloudFly's off-site links

CloudFly's website may contain links to other websites placed for the purpose of introducing or supplementing relevant information for customers' reference. CloudFly is not responsible for the content or behavior of any other website.

6. Confidentiality of customer information

Because there is always a risk involved in providing personal data (whether in person, over the phone, over the internet or through other technical means), and no technical system is absolutely safe or able to prevent all 'hackers' and 'tamperers' (people who illegally access information), CloudFly always strives to take appropriate security measures for each feature of the information to prevent and minimize potential risks when customers use the CloudFly system.

For the purpose of securing and protecting information integrity, ensuring the smoothness of the network, CloudFly will store customers' personal and payment information in a secure encrypted format, and only authorized CloudFly employees have access to this information.

CloudFly will not provide customers' personal information to anyone, except:

− Requests from law enforcement or regulatory authorities

− A third party representing CloudFly performs payment services with a commitment to protecting customer's personal information


The Privacy Policy is not intended to create a contract or legal rights for any third party.

CloudFly may change, modify, supplement or replace the privacy policy content at any time in accordance with the provisions of the law of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. All changes take effect from the time we are published on the website